Indigenous Peoples Lead Massive Demonstration in Copenhagen | Mobilization for Climate Justice
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On COP 15’s Official “Indigenous Peoples Day”
Indigenous Peoples Lead Massive Demonstration in Copenhagen
“1.5 Degrees is Genocide”
“Indigenous rights and knowledge are foundational for addressing
climate change”

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Copenhagen, Denmark – Indigenous Peoples from across North America and
their allies from around the world who have gathered for COP 15 will
lead an unprecedented demonstration for just climate policy in
Copenhagen today. Saturday’s protests coincide with the official COP
15 “Indigenous Peoples Day” events, and so the six-kilometer march
from Christiansborg Slotsplads to the Bella Center will be led by a
contingent of delegations of Indigenous Peoples, including the
official Bolivian Delegation.

“Indigenous rights and knowledge are foundational for addressing
climate change, but the United States and Canada are still not
signatories to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
(DRIP),” said Jihan Gearon of Fort Defiance Arizona/Navajo Nation,
Native Energy Organizer with Indigenous Environmental Network.
“Because of our efforts here this week, last night the United States
discussed inclusion of DRIP language in the negotiations of the
agreement. We are marching today to push for climate policy that
upholds indigenous rights and we will continue to work for
environmental justice in our home communities.”

“As Indigenous People, we are here at the COP to speak about threats
to our cultural survival and the direct life-threatening impacts of
climate change in our communities,” said Clayton Thomas Mueller,
Indigenous Tar Sands Campaigner of the Indigenous Environmental
Network, which has brought over 20 Indigenous delegates from Native
communities in Canada and the U.S. and to participate in
demonstrations to build the global movement for climate justice.

“Fossil fuel extraction and refinement are literally killing our
people with cancer, and killing our planet with CO2″ said Crystal
Frank, youth with REDIOL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on
Indigenous Lands) from Arctic Village, AK. “Many of the proposals on
the table inside the COP will continue to allow oil and coal companies
to exploit our lands and pollute the atmosphere; targets at 1.5
degrees are a death sentence for the Indigenous Peoples.”

Today’s march, organized by the Danish group “Klimakollektive,” steps
off at 1 pm local time from Parliament Square. The Indigenous
delegation will lead what many are predicting to be the largest and
loudest demonstration at COP 15.

Indigenous Environmental Network: Indigenous Peoples empowering
Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods,
demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of our

The Indigenous Environmental Network is in Copenhagen for the duration
of COP 15. Copenhagen Media Line: +45-526-85596


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