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Cross-posted from Climate and Capitalism

Working agenda for the Montreal International Conference Cochabamba +1: Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives, April 15-17, 2011
Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives

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Organized by Alternatives and Canadian Dimension, in partnership with

Since the Copenhagen Summit of December 2009, followed by the Cochabamba Conference and the Cancun Negotiations of 2010, the question of climate change and environmental crisis has been widely recognized as a major issue that affects all aspects of life. From the Bolivian initiated World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth came path-breaking proposals and a new mind-set: ecological questions must be of concern to all social movements and not only to those who have the environment as their main agenda.

Hence, all civil society organizations, be they trade unions, women’s groups, global justice networks or progressive groups, have a role to play in this emerging Climate Justice movement. It is of utmost importance that all those who seek alternatives to the existing system should join forces. The Montreal International Conference Cochabamba +1: Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives, aims to promote this necessary convergence of networks, activists and struggles. It is a moment to reflect and act.

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WORKING AGENDA (subject to change)

Friday Evening April 15th

19:00 to 21:30 From Cochabamba to Durban, speech Pablo Solon, Bolivian Ambassador to the UN.

  • Followed by a panel with: Maude Barlow, Patrick Bond, Dorval Brunelle, Tony Clarke, André Bélisle,
  • Chair : Claude Généreux , National Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE

Saturday April 16th

9:30 to 11:30 Multiple Faces of the Ecological Crisis and Popular Alternatives

  • Panel with: Dale Marshall, Terisa Turner, Pierre Jobin, Michel Loreau ; Ellen Gabriel
  • Chair: Judy Rebick, founder of, author and social activist

9:30 to 11:30 Industrial Conversion and Transition To a Carbon Free Economy

  • Panel With: Nick Decarlo, Keith Newman, Michel Fortin, John Cartwright,
  • Chair: Michel Ducharme, VP Quebec Federation of Labour

11:30 to 13:00 Setting Up an Ecological Network

13:30 to 15:00 Fighting Fossil Fuels: The Tar Sands In Alberta And Shale Gas in Québec

  • Panel with: Clayton Thomas-Muller, Mike Hudema, Kim Cornelissen, Daniel Breton
  • Chair: Johanne Béliveau, Citizens Committee Against Shale Gas- Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu,Quebec

13:30 to 15:30 Greening The Economy: Green Transit and Green Energies

  • Panel With: Harvey Mead, Owen Rose, Andrea Peart
  • Chair: Jacques Létourneau, Advisor to the CSN and member of Alternatives’ board

15:30 to 17:30 North-South Ecological Debt and International Solidarity

  • Panel with: Vinod Raina; Elizabeth Peredo, Judith Marshall, Andrea Harden-Donahue
  • Chair: Louise Casselman, Public Service alliance of Canada (PSAC), Social Justice Fund

15:30 to 17:30 False Solutions: Geo-engineering, Nuclear Energy, Uranium Mines, Cap Trade

  • Panel with: Diana Bronson, Ian Angus, Ugo Lapointe, Viginie Lambert-Ferry
  • Chair: Andrea Levy, Canadian Dimension

8:30 pm Cultural event to be advised

Sunday Morning April 17th

9:30 to 11:00 Food and Water Security

  • Panel with: Tony Clarke, Pat Mooney, Éric Darier
  • Chair: Louise Vandelac, Professor at the Institute on the Environment, University of Quebec in Montreal

11:00-13:00 Sunday Closing Plenary: Multiple Networks and Convergence of Struggles: Building The Movement

  • Panel with : Judy Rebick; Elizabeth Peredo; Amir Khadir, Clayton Thomas-Muller, Cy Gonick
  • Chair: Michel Lambert, exec.dir. Alternatives


International Speakers

  • Pablo Solon, Bolivian ambassador to the UN. One of the key initiators of the Cochabamba Conference
  • Elizabeth Peredo, researcher and activist on water and human rights. director of the Foundation Solon in Bolivia.
  • Vinod Raina, a leader of the People’s Science Movement in India and activist with Jubilee South.
  • Patrick Bond, author and South African climate and social activist

Speakers, Canada

  • Ian Angus, Editor of Climate and Capitalism website and member of CD Collective
  • Diana Bronson, Programme manager at ETC Group, a research institute critical of geo-ingeneering
  • Maude Barlow, Chair of Council of Canadians and environmental activist
  • Nick De Carlo, Canadian Autoworkers (CAW), National Representative for the Environment
  • John Cartwright, President of the Toronto Labour Council
  • Louise Casselman, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), Social Justice Fund
  • Tony Clarke, Director of Polaris Institute
  • Cy Gonick , Editor-in-chief of the magazine Canadian Dimension
  • Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy and Climate Justice campaigner with the Council of Canadians
  • Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Alberta, organizer of Tar Sands campaign
  • Dale Marshall, Policy Analyst with the David Suzuki Foundation
  • Judith Marshall, United Steel Workers (USW) ,Global Affairs Department
  • Pat Mooney, Executive Director ETC Group, a research institute critical of geo-ingeneering
  • Keith Newman, Research director at Communication, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
  • Andrea Peart, Health and Environment Representative, Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
  • Judy Rebick, Founder of, author and social activist
  • Clayton Thomas-Muller, Tar Sands organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), member of CD collective
  • Terisa Turner, Sociologist, University of Guelph, author Women Global Climate Change, member of CD Collective

Speakers, Québec

  • André Bélisle, President of l’Association Québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA), main spokesperson of the Quebec Coalition Against Shale Gas Exploration
  • Johanne Béliveau, Citizens Committee Against Shale Gas- Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
  • Daniel Breton, Founder MCN21 and very active in the movement against Shale Gas exploration
  • Dorval Brunelle, Professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal , director of the Montreal Institute for International Studies (IEIM)
  • Kim Cornellissen, Vice-President of l’Association Québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA), one of the founders of the Coalition Against Shale Gas Exploration
  • Éric Darier, Quebec director of Greenpeace and co-founder of Mouvement Vigilance Énergie
  • Michel Ducharme, Vice-President Quebec Federation of Labour (QFL)
  • Michel Fortin, Vice-President of Fédération de l’industrie manufacturière, Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN)
  • Ellen Gabriel, Mohawk activist and president of Quebec Native Women Inc.
  • Claude Généreux, National Secretary-Treasurer of the Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • Pierre Jobin, Vice-President of Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)
  • Amir Khadir, Elected member of the Quebec National Assembly for Québec Solidaire, Mercier riding
  • Ugo Lapointe, Founder of “Pour que le Québec ait meilleur mine”, a group opposed to uranium mining
  • Michel Lambert, Executive Director of Alternatives
  • Jacques Létourneau, Special Advisor to the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux (CSN) and member of Alternatives’ board
  • Andrea Levy, member of the editorial boards of Canadian Dimension and Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme
  • Michel Loreau, Biologist, Mcgill University
  • Harvey Mead, Author and founder of Nature Québec
  • Roger Rashi, member of the editorial board of Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme and CD collective
  • Owen Rose, Architect and president of Centre d’écologie urbaine de Montréal
  • Louise Vandelac, Professor at the Institute on the Environment, University of Quebec in Montreal

Article source: GJEP Climate Connections Blog

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