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   1.     Join UNAC on May 20 in Chicago

  2.    UNAC statement against police repression in Chicago

  3.    Protest NATO Banks at Greek Consulate Sat, May  19 – 6:30 – 7:30pm

Join UNAC on May 20 in Chicago

Please join us at the Petrillo Bandshell (Corner of Jackson Columbus) at 9 am on May 20 in Chicago.  We will need help with assembling placards, distributing them, carrying UNAC banners and distributing literature.  If you can not make it at 9 am, please look for our banner when you arrive to march with UNAC.  The rally will start at noon but there will be music and cultural activity from about 11am.

The rally will go from noon till 2 followed by a march lead by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Against the War.  At the end of the march, the vets will return their medals to NATO as the whole world watches

Please go to for more information.

UNAC statement against police repression in Chicago

Statement in Defense of Detained NATO Protesters

By United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)


UNAC condemns the Chicago Police department’s preemptive detention of anti-NATO protesters in the run-up to the demonstration against the NATO Summit. On Wednesday May 16, the police raided an apartment without probable cause, breaking down the door with guns drawn. They placed bags over the heads of startled activists, handcuffed them and detained them for hours without charges.

This act of political repression is a fundamental violation of our constitutionally protected civil rights and civil liberties. It conjures memories of Mubarak’s dictatorship in Egypt. Unfortunately, the U.S. Government and the Chicago City Government have increasingly turned to such acts against political activists across the country.

On May 19, headlines blared that three activists were facing terrorism charges, but according to their attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild, the three were simply NATO protesters who were staying in an apartment that had beer-making equipment when the police suddenly burst in.

Since 9/11, the U.S. has been shredding our civil liberties beginning with the Patriot Act and continuing with the National Defense Authorization Act. The principal targets of such attacks have been Arabs and Muslims who have been detained, interrogated, jailed, and deported without due process or probable cause. Such violations of civil rights and civil liberties are routine in the Black and immigrant communities in our country.

In this case, the City of Chicago has used this raid and similar ones that may happen in the run-up to and in the aftermath of the demonstration against NATO to intimidate activists and citizens at large from exercising their rights to organize, assemble and protest. They are also designed to criminalize dissent and cast suspicion on activists among wider layers of the population.

“We are shocked by the behavior of the Chicago Police,” said Joe Lombardo co-chair of UNAC. “We will not tolerate such attacks on our fellow activists. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them to defend them, their rights, and all of our rights that are so under threat today in America.”

UNAC demands the immediate release of any activists who are currently detained. We also demand the City issue a public apology and immediately put a stop to any further plans to harass protesters who have come to the city to protest the NATO Summit.

Protest NATO Banks at Greek Consulate Sat, May 19 – 6:30 – 7:30pm


Emergency Protest at the Greek Consulate

Solidarity with Greek workers against EU Banks and NATO austerity.

SATURDAY, May 19 6:30 to 7:30 pm

650 North St Clair, Chicago

(Corner of Erie St – Take Red Line to Grand)

Today as the NATO military alliance meets in Chicago, Greece faces an unprecedented political, social and economic crisis. The Greek people are refusing the UE bankers austerity measures. Events in Greece could have a domino effect throughout Europe.

Greece is the 4th largest importer of arms in the world. This means billions to U.S., French and German military corporations and mass poverty for Greek people. The bankers bail-out loans are structured to continue payments for still more weapons. It is paid with cutbacks, lay offs and austerity measures so extreme that it is literally starving the Greek people.

NATO from its foundation has been an aggressive U.S. dominated military alliance. A U.S./British military intervention against the revolutionary Greek workers created a bloody civil war in 1948 – 49 to force Greece into the western military alliance. In 1967 to 1974 with full NATO support a right-wing Greek general organized a brutal military dictatorship. Today NATO’s agenda is to once again back up the bankers and the rule of the 1%. As thousands of antiwar, anti-imperialist and anti-NATO activists gather in Chicago: Join an emergency action in solidarity with the resistance of the Greek people

Article source: GJEP Climate Connections Blog

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