Chicago Climate Activists target Carbon Trading @ Chicago Climate Exchange – 12 ArrestsChicago


climate activists returned to the streets today – this time in the financial district in downtown  Chicago – in a colorful demonstration against cap and trade, carbon offsets and other “false solutions” to climate change.  Building on the long-term campaign to shut down the Crawford and Fisk coal-fired power plants in the city, community and environmental groups from across Chicago and beyond have come together to demand just, equitable, and effective solutions to the climate crisis.


More to come soon at http://howgreenischicago.org/

*Take Action for Climate Justice*

March on Chicago’s Climate Criminals!


Monday Nov. 30, 2009

11am, Federal Plaza (Jackson and Dearborn)

Downtown Chicago

On N30, the 10th anniversary of the nonviolent shut-down of the WTO meetings in Seattle and one week before the UN climate negotiations begin in Copenhagen, community groups from across Chicago and beyond are coming together to take part in an international day of action for climate justice. Join us as we demand environmental justice in Chicago and a shift toward real, just, and effective climate solutions globally!

Throughout history, social change has come about when regular people get fed up with business as usual, get organized, and take to the streets. Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced, with water shortages, crop failures, sea level rise and ecosystem collapse on the not so distant horizon. If we leave climate solutions up to politicians and corporations, then we will lose – not just a political battle, but the life-support systems of the planet. Time is running out to avert the worst impacts of climate change: the time to act is now!

*The Air is Not for Sale!*

From Chicago to Copenhagen, powerful companies are cashing in on the climate crisis, privatizing the air we breathe and handing over rights to the atmosphere to the biggest polluters under a new system called carbon trading. Carbon Trading is a fraudulent market that intensifies social injustice, does not reduce emissions in a meaningful way, and acts as a dangerous distraction from the real climate solutions we urgently need, such as ending excessive consumption, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, re-localizing production and consumption, and protecting the rights of workers, displaced peoples, and others affected by the transition.


On N30, we will march to the Chicago Climate Exchange, the first and biggest carbon trading institution in North America, and along the way we’ll pay visits to Chicago’s other top climate criminals who turn a profit while the planet burns. We will demand real emissions cuts, environmental justice for the communities below the smokestacks, and an end to carbon trading and other false solutions to climate change.

Join us – the struggle for climate justice begins at home!

No more carbon trading and other false solutions!

No more coal burning in Little Village and Pilsen!

REAL Solutions to the Climate Crisis Now!

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Need housing in Chicago? Want to get involved? Contact us!

773-343-2939 or chicago@actforclimatejustice.org.

And Some Exciting Events Leading up to N30…

Want to learn more about carbon trading, why it doesn’t work, the threat it poses to people and the planet, and what we can do instead? Come to the teach-in panel and presentation on the 24th!

*The Air is Not for Sale: Carbon Colonialism vs. Real Solutions*

Tuesday, November 24


Depaul University

Room 325 in the Student Center

2250 N. Sheffield Ave. (Red line to Fullerton)

Featured Speakers:

Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Kimberly Wasserman, Coordinator, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

Abigail Singer, Coordinator, Mobilization for Climate Justice

Want to get trained in organizing and action skills?

*Shutting Things Down to Open Things Up*

Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change

Workshop with Lisa Fithian, long-time global justice activist and trainer

Saturday, November 28


Lichen Lending Library in Pilsen

1921 S. Blue Island (off the 18th St stop on the Pink Line or #60 bus)

After-party and fundraiser, 8pm at 2003 W. Cermak/Damen, $5

*Nonviolent Direct Action Training*

Sunday, November 29


Lichen Lending Library

Prepare yourself for taking the streets and taking on power. Learn how to keep yourself grounded during chaos, think strategically and act decisively.

Also on Sunday, November 29 at Lichen:

4pm: *N30 Mobilization Orientation Meeting*

Get plugged into the march, rally and action on Monday! Bring your friends and affinity group if you have one.

5:30pm: Free Vegan Dinner! (donations appreciated)

7pm: *Slideshow Presentation and Discussion*

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Battle of Seattle and the global climate justice movement that is building toward Copenhagen and beyond; with Lisa Fithian, Dr. Rachel Smolker, and Abigail Singer.

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Need housing in Chicago? Want to get involved? Contact us!

773-343-2939 or chicago@actforclimatejustice.org.

Sponsored by:

• Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO)

• Chicago Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

• Eco-Justice Collaborative

• Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO)

• Rising Tide North America

• The Mobilization for Climate Justice

• The Climate Pledge of Resistance (CPR for the Planet)